Why working professionals should consider PGD in Banking & Finance

Are you one of the thousands of workforce graduates stuck in the rut of 9 to 5 monotony with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel? If you are interested in employment in the banking and finance sector with leading banks in the public and private sector, multinational financial consulting companies, highly rated non-banking financial companies (NBFC), brokerage houses, equity research corporates, etc., an advanced qualification will open the doors.

Am I too old?
Perhaps, you were compelled by circumstances to take up employment immediately after graduation. But, given the ruthless competition in the marketplace, a graduate degree will not take you very far in life.

Learning is a process and one can resume this activity at any time, and acquire knowledge and skills at any age – remember that Grandma Moses, the famous American folk artist, began painting in earnest only at the age of 78 years.

When it comes to learning, age is only a number. TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance offers superlative intellectual inputs and infrastructure which when combined with your commitment and discipline will help catapult you to the peak.

Why Study for a PGD?
Discerning employers are exhibiting increasing reluctance to hire or elevate graduates with generalized knowledge preferring the superior academic proficiency, practical skill sets and acumen of postgraduates.

Mere graduate employees inevitably end up at a dead end in their career progression. After 2 or perhaps 3 years of slaving at the desk, it dawns on you that youngsters with better academic qualifications are getting ahead in the career race while you are stagnating.

Discontinuation of a source of income is inevitably a tough decision but think of it as an investment for a better future. The sooner you take this decision, the better, before inertia sets in and you end up just muddling along. At this stage, it is also likely that there may not be an overly high dependence on your monthly salary.

The long-term returns will be incredibly rewarding as you become a more attractive candidate in the employment market. There is a direct co-relationship between educational qualifications and your position in the hierarchy and your compensation package.

There is an old saying that “God created men equally”. While the essence of that statement is true, in the corporate world, you achieve success by making yourself unequal to your competitors. TKWs PGD in Banking and Finance is designed to give you a competitive edge that will help you to reach the corner cabin faster. You will reap the dual benefits of improved status and rank in the organization and a significantly fatter envelope at the end of the month.


The TKW IBF PGD in Banking and Finance
Work dimensions in the banking and finance sector are becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding with the evolution of innovative financial instruments and financial structures with complex risk factors.

PGD opens up vistas for either advancing your career or making a career move into the world of banking and finance. Whether banking and finance is your existing field of ambition, or whether you plan to cross-over considering the attractive compensation packages and the career growth prospects, TKWs Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance is your best bet.

If your original field is other than banking and finance, the PGD will result in your having knowledge in two disciplines. If you are already in the field, the PGD will bolster your skill set. Either way, it’s a win-win proposition.

This one year course is remarkably holistic, student friendly and career oriented. The course content traverses the entire gamut of banking and financial services. From fundamental fields of study such as basic accounts, general banking, banking communications to contemporary, cutting edge, dynamic, specialty areas such as asset banking, derivatives, mutual funds, risk analysis, tax and wealth planning, SME financing, trade finance, financial advisory services, financial management services, finance, etc. Spread over three terms, your involvement and sheer hard work could transform you into a banking all-rounder with the ability to deliver excellence in more than one field.

What next?
With the TKWs’ PGD, your market value skyrockets and you become a first choice candidate for leading employers. Headhunters are always on the look-out for candidates with consummate interpersonal skills, and aptitude for dealing with intricate real-life complexities rather than mere textbook knowledge.

The course emphasises experiential learning and turns you into a battle-hardened veteran with a competitive edge in the employment market. First, appointment compensation packages are lucrative because of the value added by a Post Graduate Diploma, which also opens the doors to senior level appointments.

Candidates from TKWs are better placed to bag the prime employment opportunities because of they have the advantage of experiential learning. The faculty has decades of hardcore hands-on experience which forms an integral part of classroom knowledge sharing.

Expose yourself to 20-30 invaluable interactions with corporate honchos who will share real-life insights into result oriented approaches. The added advantage (especially if your existing field is not banking related) is the opportunity to network with faculty members, guest lecturers and classmates for future positives.

TKWs Institute of Banking and Finance arranges to groom its students for group discussions and personal interviews at campus recruitment. The track record shows that candidates have secured placements with the who’s who of organisations in the banking and financial services sector. This more than justifies the investment of Rs.2 Lakh as a fee for the course. And what’s more, this fee is paid via a simplified EMI.

Right Now is the Best Time
TKWs Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance offers you theoretical knowledge par excellence, carefully put together, all-encompassing syllabus, unique experiential learning, state-of-the-art learning infrastructure, expert faculty and erudite guest lecturers. All that you need to do is add your personal drive, and you will be on the highway to success.